Learning Studio Asia was established in 2013 to provide educational services for students in K2 to Secondary 4, as well as Junior College Level General Paper.

It was started by two remarkable coaches, Coach Sha Sharif and Coach Aisyah Jumari. Coach Ada Sharif joined in 2016, although she has worked with Coach Sha in educational coaching many times prior.


Coach Sha has been a qualified educator since year 2000. Throughout her teaching career, she has had the opportunity to teach, coach and support not only the high-ability  students but also the lower-ability students.

In 2007, after the birth of her second child, she chose the road less-travelled. She left MOE and started her own group coaching at home and worked for private tuition companies. Focusing on teaching and learning, she soon realizes that teaching the subjects per se was NOT the ONLY factor that contributed to students’ success. It was the tremendous effort in creating bonds, building trust and taking care of the emotional needs of pupils that CAME FIRST.

Moving on, Little Big Minds was founded and many great things have happened since then.Little Big Minds has conducted numerous coaching sessions and workshops which included :
1. Study Skills for the A Star Student
2. ‘Can my child survive PSLE?’ Workshop for parents and students (P5 & P6 parents and pupils)
3. Power Focus Weekly Coaching (English,Science & Maths)
4. PSLE Score Compo Bootcamp (8 hr intensive session for Upper Primary students)
5.  Little Big Book Club (Introduction Literature for P3 & P4)
6. Brain-Based Learning (for teachers of Madrasah Alsagoff)
and the list goes on.

Being brought up by parents who are advocates of life-long learning, Coach Sha is influenced by the strong family support that she receives in abundance. Now, paying it forward, she aims to empower parents and tutors with ways and methodologies that she has tried and worked in allowing kids experience success in learning. May Allah azza wajjal continue to bless Learning Studio to be able to serve the community well.


Aisyah Jumari is an educator, speaker and a Senior Legal Officer by profession.

Aisyah graduated with a diploma in Law & Management from Temasek Polytechnic. She has provided private tuition services to Primary School and Secondary School students to support her tertiary fees for more than 10 years.

Moving forward, Aisyah Jumari found therapy in teaching and baking after surviving an emotional turmoil and took on to share her story with other women and encouraged them to take on activities as avenues to find themselves back again.

As she progresses to empower these women to be independent yet selfless, she realises that if the society fails to instill confidence and independence in young children, the society will continuously seek for avenues to pick themselves up after a great fall as they are not equipped with skills to affirm their confidence and independence in the first place.

As a trusted, private tuition teacher for many years, she also realized that students with poor academic performance often lack either the self-esteem or positive belief that they can excel or are unaware of study skills that can help make learning easier for them. Without the proper study techniques, they often lose interest and end up with poor results which further affirm their negative self-belief. This leads to a negative vicious cycle within the society.

As a solution to the problem, she developed the Discover the Secrets to Score Better Grades Confidently © as one of the modules in The Learning Therapy, to help students improve their grades and performance in school through a series of study skills strategies, time management, emotional management skills, stress management skills, exam preparation and test taking strategies.

This Programme has been well-received by education centres she has approached and they too applied the Programme in their curriculum.

Aisyah has appeared in the local media, TV, Radio, newspapers and magazine and has spoken to over hundreds of women in workshops on Self Empowerment and would like to further develop it for young children.